Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tis the season for botulism!

we've been experimenting with christmas pickles. the spicy okra are so addictive. unfortunately, a few of the jars have developed some white cloudiness. it hasn't stopped me from eating them!
pictured clockwise from far right:
pickled okra with fresh dill, korean peppers and mustard seed
green papaya with lime, chles and crushed black pepper, pickled in rice vinegar
sweet and sour gherkins
and little jars of red onion and red wine vinegar marmalade

the okra recipe is from alton brown.
green papaya are a traditional filipino flavor profile, achara. they'll be perfect on bahn mi.
sweet and sour gherkins are a combination of a saveur and a joy of cooking recipe.
red onion marmalade is from joy of cooking. they were supposed to take thirty minutes, and took three hours. i still wasn't happy with the outcome.
in the works:
cherry tomato and ginger marmalade
green apple and cabbage saurkraut
pickled ginger and galangal

canning and pickling resources:
saveur article
the COMPLETE canning guide pdf from university of georgia